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Maths at Lindhead


At Lindhead,  we believe mathematics is a life skill which should be acquired through enjoyable learning activities and applied with confidence and accuracy.

Our Maths curriculum reflects the work we have done as a school to move to a 'Mastery' style of teaching. with a focus on fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. We use a framework of key objectives through which we can keep a close track on children's understanding and specific 'calculation guidance' to promote a deep understanding of number. Our planning is based upon the resources provided by White Rose Maths as our core curriculum.

Our Math's coordinator is Mrs Joanne Hartley, who can be contacted through school.

 Here is the content of our Math's curriculum by year group. There are two main curriculum documents; The National Curriculum Progression Document, which shows how the maths curriculum is sequenced through year groups, and The 'Ready to Progress’ Criteria Document. This is based on a document produced by the DfE last year as part of their assessments of pupils’ learning and lists the key steps in the White Rose Maths schemes of learning that support progress.  The two documents are used alongside each other to support the planning of key concepts both within and between year groups. Below these are the overviews of lesson content for each year group.

 National Curriculum Maths Progression.pdfDownload
 Ready to Progress Criteria for 2021-22.pdfDownload
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Below are the year-group specific guidance documents which outline how we teach calculation at Lindhead School:

 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - EYFS.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y1.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y2.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y3.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y4.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y5.pdfDownload
 Lindhead Calculation Guidance - Y6.pdfDownload
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