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Lindhead School

Learning, Caring & Growing Together

Lindhead's Curriculum


Our curriculum at Lindhead and everything that we do in school is designed to help us meet our vision of successfully “Learning, Caring and Growing Together”.  Our Busy Buzzy Bee’s curriculum (3B’s) prioritises the need for children to develop their strength of character and become well-rounded ‘Happy Bee’ individuals. Please use the menus on the "Lindhead's Curriculum' page and the sub-menus to find out all about the curriculum and how we learn here at Lindhead.

Lindhead School Curriculum Policy

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and the values associated with life in modern Britain today are priorities in our school and underpin the entire curriculum.

Aims and Intent

At Lindhead School, our curriculum aims are linked closely to the overall aims of Lindhead School:


  • To provide a rich, relevant, exciting and creative curriculum that allows the children to take ownership of their learning journey, be jointly responsible for their learning and to engage both the children and their parents/carers as partners in the learning process.
  • To show respect, consideration and tolerance for the values and opinions of others and the democratic process.
  • To enable our children to understand the need for sustainability and to know that they have a part to play in taking care of the world for themselves and future generations.
  • To promote and develop a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning through opportunities for academic, technical and sporting excellence including dance, music, drama and the experience of live performance.
  • To work hard, achieve well, have high aspirations, think creatively and critically in order to reach their full potential.
  • To be active learners in both the indoor and outdoor environments.
  • To enable our children to work independently and collaboratively and to provide opportunities for discussion and debate.
  • To be caring, honest and responsible individuals who behave well and know how to stay healthy and keep themselves and others safe.
  • To acquire new skills and knowledge through a well organised and sequenced curriculum offer that will equip them for life in a diverse, technological and global society.
  • To give opportunities for creative activities allowing children to generate and develop their own ideas, designs and inventions and to explore and expand their imagination.

 Our curriculum at Lindhead and everything that we do in school is designed to help us meet our vision of successfully “Learning, Caring and Growing Together”.  Our Busy Buzzy Bee’s curriculum (3B’s) prioritises the need for children to develop their strength of character and become well-rounded ‘Happy Bee’ individuals.


  1. The core curriculum for English and Mathematics will be delivered through progressive and sequenced schemes of work, which teachers will enhance and modify accordingly. These ensure curriculum coverage and allow teachers to accurately pitch the work they provide according to the exact needs of their class.
  2.  Teachers will use ‘Skills Progression’ documents or structured, sequenced long/medium term planning in all other subjects in order to ensure cohesive curriculum coverage and allow children to build their understanding and knowledge as they move through the school.
  3.  Our school aims identify Personal, Social, and Health Education (including Relationships and Sex Education) incorporating British values as a crucial element of our curriculum offer. This permeates all learning as well as being part of a purposefully pre-planned programme (‘The Beethos’ skills progression) designed to promote well-being, as well as promoting important character traits such as resilience, motivation, aspiration, respect and honesty.
  4.  We will use assessment in a useful, time efficient way; primarily to check pupils’ understanding and to inform future teaching. Processes will be manageable but also allow the Senior Leadership Team to accurately report on the progress of classes, groups and individuals according to their attainment and progress through the curriculum.
  5.  At the beginning of each new topic, we will provide opportunities for children to generate their own questions and areas of learning for which they would like answers.
  6.  Parents/carers will receive topic notes each term detailing the areas that are being covered by subject and by year group and they will also be encouraged to help their child with research and homework. These will also be published on the school website.
  7.  Collective Worship and RE (taught through the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus) will enable children to explore, analyse and reflect on a range of religious and non- religious responses to basic human questions on meaning and purpose.
  8.  Opportunities for active, personalised learning will be built into the planning and will include outdoor learning.
  9.  A wide variety of work will be planned giving children opportunities to work both individually or collaboratively and to utilise technology in a meaningful way, improving their skills in communication, questioning, reasoning and drawing conclusions.
  10.  We will value learning beyond the school environment and will make links within both the local and wider communities, using technology to develop these links if appropriate. Empathy and an appreciation of people’s similarities and differences will be fostered and promoted through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision.
  11.  We wish to give our children a wide range of memorable experiences, including visitors to school, theatre and dance companies, musicians, one day visits and residential experiences, especially where the children can experience and respond to the natural world and meet a variety of challenges.
  12.  Children will have opportunities to participate in a range of sporting and musical activities and events.


 Impact & Outcomes


  1. The quality of the curriculum and the quality of teaching, learning and assessment at Lindhead School will be a continuing focus for the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body through a cycle of monitoring activity, evaluation and review. 
  2. Results of national assessments and statutory tests will be analysed in order to inform future teaching and to report on the performance of the school to a range of stakeholders.
  3. The extent to which children at Lindhead are prepared for the next phase of their education will also be a continuing focus for the Senior Leadership Team. As well as results from statutory assessments, data will be collected from a variety of other sources in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum, such as the Growing Up in North Yorkshire Survey, in-school surveys and questionnaires, reports from Secondary schools etc.


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