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Lindhead School

Learning, Caring & Growing Together

School Aims & Vision - Learning, Caring and Growing Together

'Learning, Caring and Growing Together'

School Aims & Mission Statement

Our overall aim at Lindhead School is to enable our children to be confident, enjoy learning and feel safe and happy at school. We want them to be responsible citizens and successful and active learners.

 In order for our children to be responsible citizens, we believe that they should: -

  • be caring, honest individuals who know how to stay healthy and keep themselves safe
  • show respect, consideration and tolerance for the values and opinions of others
  • understand the need for sustainability and know that they have a part to play in taking care of the world

 To be successful and active learners, we believe that children should: -

  • work hard, achieve well, think creatively and critically in order to reach their full potential
  • acquire new skills and knowledge that will equip them for life in a diverse, technological and global society

 Our Vision Statement

At Lindhead School we aim to create an inspiring, nurturing and exciting environment where our pupils feel safe and happy. We want to create strong foundations for their future success through a well-planned curriculum which promotes academic achievement, participation in sport and physical activity and an appreciation of sciences and creative, expressive arts. We will encourage all pupils to have a voice and we will actively promote their well-being, mental and physical health and their self-esteem. We will ensure all pupils are treated fairly and are provided with the opportunities they need to be successful individuals with aspirations for the future.