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Lindhead School

Learning, Caring & Growing Together

Behaviour & Anti-Bullying


At Lindhead School, we expect everyone to make a strong contribution to an exceptionally positive climate for learning by demonstrating exemplary attitudes to learning and behaviour.

This clearly means that bullying will not be tolerated.  Our Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policy was last reviewed in November 2020 after consultation with governors, staff, children and parents and their views taken into consideration and is available to view/download below:


We have six Golden Rules which we expect everyone to follow. Children are regularly reminded of the school rules and these will be displayed in all classrooms:


Six Golden Rules

Be kind and helpful to everyone in school

Remember my responsibilities and do my best work

Take care of equipment and the environment of the school

Talk quietly and listen to others

Walk quietly and sensibly in and around school

Keep my hands and feet to myself.

Our full Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy is available below.