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Lindhead School

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A Nurturing School

What is a nurturing school?  "A nurturing school is a place where pupils benefit from an approach that supports children and young people with their specific needs." (National Nurturing Schools Programme)

What is the National Nurturing Schools Programme?

The National Nurturing Schools Programme is a programme that allows staff to develop and embed a nurturing culture throughout their schools, enhancing teaching and learning, promoting healthy outcomes for children and young people, all by focusing on emotional needs and development as well as academic learning in a whole-school environment.
The National Nurturing Schools Award (NNSA) is an award for schools that have attended the National Nurturing Schools Programme (NNSP) and which have succeeded in creating a nurturing culture for the children and young people in their care. We are currently working towards this award.

The Six Principles of Nurture

  1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally
  2. The classroom offers a safe base
  3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing
  4. Language is a vital means of communication
  5. All behaviour is communication
  6. The importance of transition in children’s lives.



What does this mean for children?

  • We track the social and emotional needs of children so that potential issues can be identified and help provided.
  • We offer plenty of opportunities to talk about their thoughts and feelings.
  • The curriculum takes into account the varying emotional and social needs of the children.
  • We listen to the children’s thoughts and feelings through questionnaires, assemblies, class sessions and school council meetings.
  • We prepare the children for changes in life and try and make them feel safe and secure.
  • We understand children learn and develop in different ways.

Parents, Carers and The Community

  • We aim to make all visitors feel welcome in our school.
  • We aim to work successfully with parents and the wider community.
  • We aim to harness the support of the community in our work towards the National Nurturing Schools Programme.
  • We aim to involve parents and the community in our plans.
  • We aim to include the social and emotional progress of pupils in our reports and parents'’ evenings discussions.


What does this mean for Lindhead School?


  • We have provision in place to promote the wellbeing of adults who work here.
  • We aim to include staff in decision making and planning.
  • Staff are actively involved in our Nurturing Schools Programme work.
  • We aim to provide relevant training.
  • We aim to make all staff feel respected, valued and supported.
  • As our policies are renewed, they will include a new reference to the National Nurturing Schools Programme and our work towards the 6 principles.


Some of the things happening in school are:

  • We prioritize personal, social and health education by following our Lindhead ‘Beethos’ plans for each year group.
  • We are embarking on a full review of our Behaviour Policy as from September 2022.
  • We are currently developing the effectiveness of our School council.
  • We are constantly reviewing our curriculum offer in light of children’s needs.