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Long-Term Plans

On this page, you can access the Long-Term Plans for the curriculum at Lindhead School. There is one annual plan for each year group. Please note that our curriculum development work is ongoing and these will be regularly amended to reflect this. Our curriculum for 2020-2021 was altered significantly due to circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find details of the 2020-21 curriculum in the 'Lindhead's Curriculum' menu. Our curriculum for 2021-2022 takes our usually used long-term plans into account but will be formulated around several key criteria; the achievement of the children at the end of the previous year, current DfE advice and guidance, as well as class teacher's professional judgement's of the needs of the children. This is why, when these plans were formulated, some foundation subject planning was incomplete and have been superseded by medium-term planning in school.

The plans are available to download below. 

 Long Term Matrix EYFS.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 1.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 2.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 3.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 4.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 5.pdfDownload
 Long Term Planning Matrix Year 6.pdfDownload
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