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2021-2022 Lindhead Curriculum - Introduction

2021-22 Curriculum Planning: Priorities and Alterations

Our curriculum at Lindhead School for the academic year 2021-2022 will be slightly different to our usual curriculum offer detailed in our current long-term planning and previous topic notes.

We have a statutory duty to publish these alterations and publish the actual curriculum offer for the coming year - this is what this section of the website is designed to do. Please do get in touch if you require any further information. From the curriculum menu on our website, you can access curriculum progression documents for all subjects, Long-Term Plans, as well as more information on how Maths, English and Reading are taught at Lindhead.

In September 2021, Classteachers were tasked with identifying prioritised content within each curriculum subject. Curriculum documentation can then be used by our subject leads to gain an overall view of coverage and achievement in their subject over the course of the 2021-2022 year. Our full Curriculum Policy is available at the bottom of this page.

Our curriculum for 2021-2022 take our usually used long-term plans into account but will be formulated around several key criteria;

1. Individual, group and class reports extracted from PIRA (reading), GAPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and PUMA (mathematics) summative assessments taken in July 2021 (and termly thereafter) after the summer term ‘transition curriculum’. These reports will identify explicit gaps in learning and priorities for each class and will be used in conjunction with a range of other formative/summative assessment data.

2. Transition conversations with children’s previous teachers and evidence of coverage/progress in children’s books.

3. Identified, prioritised content as identified in “Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery” (published July 2021).

4. Content from existing schemes of work and resources (Wordsmith English, White Rose Maths, Nelson Handwriting, etc.) and curriculum progressions (current versions are published on the school website) will be used where appropriate, according to class teacher's professional judgement's of the needs of the children.

During September, targets are set for classes and children; for this year these are set with the express aim of getting as many children as possible back to working at age-related expectations following two somewhat disrupted years. In the sub-menu for this page you will find our published curriculum 'Topic Notes' for each year group. These are the notes which are sent home to parents each term so they have an overview of learning in their child's class.